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Who We Are

We are an event management & entertainment agency specialized in investing, organizing, managing, creating and delivering events of all kinds. In addition to entertainment booking services, F&B and nightlife, hospitality management and other strategic entertainment related solutions for our portfolio of investment to our client’s needs, locally and globally.

We operate our territories through local and regional offices, and make sure our clients receive themes optimum service and best result oriented outcome. 

We have organized over 1,000 events globally, have hosted over 400 international top celebrities and artists, and have hosted more than 10,000,000 audiences in our global shows.

We represent and work with best global brands and hospitality groups across different markets and currently stand tall as the leading entertainment & event management holding company in the region of Middle East and North Africa.

We are proud to be one of the leading entertainment and event management agencies in the region of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa), ambitiously expanding to new territories every year, while carrying a portfolio of some of the world's most renowned entertainment shows, titles, concepts and representations.

We strive for quality, work hard to establish consistency and earn our reputation through great results in our projects and satisfaction of our customers and clients. 

What We Do


As one of the largest entertainment investors in the region, we offer a competitive edge to our clients when it comes to our entertainment services.

Event Management

We provide full fledged comprehensive event management and consultancy, related services with detailed, and specialised focus on each sub segment. 

F&B & Nightlife

We invest in, manage, operate and consult some of the most reputable and popular F&B and nightlife projects regionally.

Live Music Events & Festivals

We invest in, organize, manage and operate some of the highest profile live music events, concerts and festivals across our operating territories.

Theatre & Family Entertainment

We invest in organize and operate, the most popular and on demand, live family entertainment and theatrical shows across our markets.

Special Projects & Calendar Events

We actively invest in, organize, operate, manage and participate in some of the most creative social projects and some of the most popular calendar events around the worldwide.

Corporate & Customised Projects

We create, design, organize and execute some of the highest profile corporate events and product launches. Additionally, we organize and structure scalable custom made projects for our clients to match their event based criteria across our markets.

Artist & Celebrity Booking

We provide booking services to all entertainment solutions, artists and celebrities through direct contact with their management offices, and assist our client in choosing the best possible entertainment for their projects.

Sport Entertainment

In our latest area of entertainment, we provide sport entertainment solutions to a selective group of our clientele.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of expert individuals, from a diverse background, educated, passionate and qualified in the field of entertainment, event management, hospitality, marketing, advertisement and communication. We focus on delivering unique experiences, irrespective of the size of projects, and strive to enhance the quality standards in our projects and events.

Our team is consisted of diverse set of individual with different backgrounds, ethnicities, from all walks of life.
Regardless of our similarities, it is our diversified experiences that make us stand out. Creativity, motivation, self discipline, academic qualifications and persistence of our team sets us different from our other competitors. 

We constantly try to adjust our understanding to those of our clients, customers and business partners and do our best to deliver a head above all shoulders.

We love what we do and that passion sets us for success.

Our Records

Ultimately it comes down to the numbers and the records, and our records is simply one of our strongest tools.

1,000 + Events 
We have delivered more than 1,000 high profile events.
300+ Live concerts
Have organised more than 300 live music shows wit top international artists.
10,000,000+ Audience
Have attracted over 10 million audiences in our events.
4 Continents & 12 Territories
Have become the fastest growing entertainment and event management company in the region.
Have become the main strategic partner of the most renowned live entertainment producers globally.
Have become the first entertainment and event management company born in Middle East (Dubai) that has expanded to 4 continents and 15 territories worldwide and growing.