Peter Pan, fresh from the enchanted island of Neverland, delighted Abu Dhabi audiences in an extraordinary theatre production in 2016 as part of the A...bu Dhabi Summer Season. The mesmerizing show featured over 30 actors, dancers, and acrobats from ten different countries, showcasing a range of talent from somersaults to miraculous illusions. This immersive adventure captivated audiences of all ages.
Brought to Abu Dhabi by Alchemy Project in partnership with Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. 

Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story

The show employs narrative techniques to create an interactive experience, with sets transitioning from a London home to lush forests and rivers. The narrator hovers magically, guiding the audience through an adventurous tale of swashbuckling pirates and more.
The story will be told against the engaging backdrop of an original score from musical director Matt Dunkley, containing 16 classic songs from world-famous artists such as Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart and Supertramp.
Peter Pan is a legendary character of British folklore, created by Scottish novelist and playwright J.M. Barrie. The famous tale of his wild adventures has graced theatres since 1904, appearing and featuring in numerous productions such as Peter Pan, a silent movie produced by Paramount Pictures in 1924, and an animated film of the same name produced by Disney in 1953.