Alchemy Project presented the world-renowned musical ballet, "Swan Lake," by the Royal Moscow Ballet at the Dubai World Trade Centre from May 9th to M...ay 13th. Moscow Ballet Theatre, known as "The Crown of Russian Ballet," has successfully toured and sold out Swan Lake in 15 countries. In 2013, running the show for 5 days it was time to enchant the Emirates audience and once again share the timeless story of Prince Siegfried, the white Swan, and the power of true love.

On Prince Siegfried's 21st birthday, his mother surprises him with news of an upcoming marriage. Feeling overwhelmed, he seeks solace in the woods and stumbles upon a magical lake with swans. There, he meets Odette, the Swan Queen, cursed by the wicked sorcerer Von Rothbart. The only way to break the spell is for a kind-hearted man to declare his love. But just as Siegfried is about to confess, Von Rothbart interferes, leaving the prince alone with his thoughts.

Swan Lake
Swan Lake

About Moscow Royal Ballet

"The Crown of Russian Ballet," founded in 1997, emerged in response to the evolving demands of contemporary choreography. Debuting with "Cross Winds" set to Chopin’s music, this performance, along with others, now graces theaters globally. Last year, "Cross Winds" saw immense success at the Metropolitan Classical Ballet, USA. The company, led by Anna Alexidze and choreographer Anatoly Emelianov, showcases timeless masterpieces like Nutcracker, Cinderella, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, and Giselle. Dancers, graduates of top Russian choreography schools, develop their talent on classical choreography. Having toured successfully worldwide, from Austria to Russia, the Moscow Ballet Theatre continues to enchant audiences globally.