The Cinderella Ballet, featuring lead soloists from the famous Bolshoi Theatre, began on June 6th, 2014, bringing the tale of the famous girl with the... glass slipper to Abu Dhabi in an inspiring ballet performance. This production, consisting of 14 shows at ADNEC, was presented by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority in association with Alchemy Project as a part of Abu Dhabi Summer Season.
Accompanied by one of the best international ballet orchestras, Cinderella presented the enchanting musical score of Sergei Prokofiev and showcased the choreography of Anatoly Emelianov, the acclaimed artistic director and choreographer of the Crown of Russia Ballet Theatre.

Cinderella Ballet
Cinderella Ballet

Cinderella Ballet tells the timeless fairytale of love and triumph. Originally penned by Perrault in the 17th century, it has been staged as a ballet since the 18th century. Sergei Prokofiev's enchanting post-World War II score sets the tone for Rostislav Zakharov's captivating choreography.
Cinderella, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, receives unexpected help from a powerful fairy, transforming her for a royal ball. The Prince falls in love, but she must leave by midnight. Despite the magical night's end, the Prince seeks Cinderella, and her slipper becomes the key to their reunion. In a tale of love and destiny, Cinderella becomes the Prince's bride.