Following the successful World Tour, The Smurfs Live on Stage – Smurfs Save staged in Doha from 18th to 20th July 2019 at Qatar National Convention ...Centre Theater (QNCC) in 5 shows, for the first time ever in Doha. Eight favorite Smurfs characters including Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and the adorable Smurfette came to Doha to transform the Summery heat in town into a colorful Spring and the evil wizard Gargamel and the puppeteers accompanied tiny blue creatures in this ‘Smurftastic’ journey. 
This event was presented by Summer in Qatar and organized by Alchemy Project.

The Smurfs Live on Stage - 2019
The Smurfs Live on Stage - 2019

Set in spring, the Smurfs' favorite time of the year, the story revolves around their preparations for the annual Spring Parade. However, the wicked Gargamel hatches a plan to disrupt the festivities. The live stage performance of The Smurfs is a magical adventure where the beloved characters battle Gargamel to save Mother Nature, promoting family values and the power of true teamwork among children. Fans of all ages can cheer as the Smurfs come to life on a grand stage, featuring life-sized mushroom-shaped forest houses, vibrant backdrops, and enchanting sing-along music. Created in 1958 by Peyo, The Smurfs have become globally cherished characters, with a successful animated series and 3D movies.