In September 2015, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, in association with Alchemy Project, presented "The Mummenschanz: Musicians of Silence" ...at Emirates Palace Theatre. The world-renowned Mime Theatre came to Abu Dhabi for the very first time, offering a world full of movement, laughter, comedy, and theatrical amusement. 

The Mummenschanz
The Mummenschanz "Musicians of Silence" - Abu Dhabi

The Swiss performance troupe Mummenschanz is renowned for its groundbreaking non-verbal surreal mask theater, captivating audiences worldwide. In their surreal, comic, wordless universe, everyday objects like toilet paper, wires, tubes, and boxes transform into fantastical characters, revealing timeless truths about human connections. With inventive use of forms, shadow, light, and expressive masks, Mummenschanz creates a visually stunning spectacle that sparks the imagination and transcends cultural barriers, offering a uniquely memorable family entertainment experience.