Eight favorite Smurfs characters including Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, and the adorable Smurfette are coming to Doha. The evil wizard Garg...amel and the puppeteers will accompany the tiny blue creatures in this “Smurftastic” journey. The story is set in Spring – Smurfs’ favorite time of the year when the characters are busy preparing for the much-awaited annual Spring Parade. But while the Smurfs make merry and sing and dance with excitement, the wicked Gargamel comes up with a plan to trick Mother Nature and bring an end to the festivities. The Smurfs Live on Stage is a tale of magical adventure that will see the Smurfs battle Gargamel and save Mother Nature whilst promoting family values and the power of a true team spirit amongst children. Little fans, mums and dads, and grandparents alike can get ready to cheer the Smurfs as they come to life on a grand stage, which brings the books to life with life-size Smurf mushroom-shaped forest houses, vibrant backdrops, and wonderful sing-along music. Created in 1958 by Pierre Culliford, fondly known as Peyo, The Smurfs have come to become some of the most loved cartoon characters around the world, especially after the launch of their animated cartoon series in 1980. Produced by Hanna Barbera, the Smurfs series spanned 272 episodes, which were dubbed into 40 languages, and has enjoyed top ratings in more than 100 countries. Millions of Smurfs DVDs continue to be sold in huge volumes internationally. Recently, a new milestone was achieved with the creation and release of the Smurfs 3D movies; the first 3D movie came out in 2011 and the second followed in 2013 and 2017. The Smurfs once again are endearing themselves to new audiences with all new CGI Animated TV series now released globally around the world.About, IMPS (International Merchandising Promotions & Services) - 

Smurfs Musical Live on Stage
Smurfs Musical Live on Stage

The Smurfs
IMPS is the official licensor of the little blue-skinned characters ‘The Smurfs’. Over the years, IMPS (since 1984) has worked in close collaboration with their agents worldwide to develop successful licensed merchandising programs, retail- and co-branded promotions, publishing activities, broadcasting deals, theme parks, family entertainment centers, live shows, video games, online games, Smurf music that have secured the everlasting success of the Smurfs.
IMPS is run by Véronique Culliford, the daughter of Pierre Culliford, the creator of the Smurfs, who is better known under his pseudonym Peyo. Web: www.smurf.com