A new magical and incredibly exciting story awaits our guests: the insidious Mouse King has stolen the Magic Nut that guards the fairy kingdom from th...e dark forces. Evil spells struck the possession of the prince and all inhabitants turned into toys and got locked in a closet forever.
Only once a year, on Christmas Eve, the toys come alive and have time until midnight to find the Magic Nut and break the sorcery.
The Enchanted Prince show is a harmonious combination of theater and musical, world-class circus performers, bright costumes, striking video projections, and colorful sets. The show is based on the exciting storyline of the world-famous writer Ernest Hoffmann's tale - the theft of the Magic Nut, the dangerous pursuit, and the romantic story of the enchanted lovers - Prince and Marie.

The Nutcracker: The Enchanted Prince Circus Musical
The Nutcracker: The Enchanted Prince Circus Musical

In the performance, the themes of confrontation of good and evil, sincere feelings, and boundless love are revealed. The multilayered plot, skilled circus performers, and artists' vocals will win the heart of every spectator.
The story is full of dangerous chases and spectacular battles on the way to a happy end, where the inhabitants of the kingdom will live in peace and love.