Pinocchio is a cultural icon and one of the most reimagined characters in children's literature. An adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s renowned... novel "Pinocchio" tells a moving story about a wooden boy who tries his best to be a good son and a friend while discovering the immense power of true friendship. The show is revealed as a twist of a classic story and a whole set of breathtaking acrobatic and musical performances.
A touching and giving a lesson story will melt the hearts of all ages and enchant your imagination with live vocals and unimaginable circus acts by the stunning fly board performers, aerialists, the Guinness Book of Records artists. Art production, vivid scenery, animations will reveal the “Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key” completely unique and distinctive as everything starting from the costumes is made exclusively for the show.

Pinocchio: A Story About The Golden Key
Pinocchio: A Story About The Golden Key

“Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key” Circus Musical Show is inspired to bring every guest joy and unimaginable feeling of adventures. The pure feeling of a breathtaking journey and the relationships between real friends — every storyline during the performance will take you on the path of magical stories and help you to plunge into another thrilling world.