Powerhouse vocalist, Melody Thornton is finding her way back to the spotlight, but on her own terms. After dropping traces of what would form her upcoming mixtape, she is now ready to bare all with the release of, Piss On Your Black List.

“Piss On Your Black List has nothing to do with being a rebel or fighting against anything. It has everything to do with fighting for myself,” says Thornton. “It’s clever with attitude. It’s kind of funny and gets a strong reaction; all things that, at times, describe my art.”

The mixtape consists of 10 tracks which do just that. Through various melodic stories of love, music, and faith, Melody exposes the battles she faces with each, and at times, she even reveals the battle within herself.

Aside from one cover, each of the five remakes, and four original tracks are all written by Thornton; a treat for fans who will finally have a chance to experience her writing ability. Producers for the four original tracks include: Andre Harris (“Smoking Gun”), Church and State (“Sweet Vendetta”), Mark Vinten (“Intro”), and Melody on a self-produced track (“Hit the Ground Runnin’” featuring Michael Gallope/piano and Paran Amirinazari/violin).

Musicality is also worth a mention. For her remakes, Melody was particular about choosing popular instrumentals from the 60s and 70s. Her appetite for a bluesy flavor fused with a hint of today’s popular music prompted her to label her style, “Soul-Pop.”

Along with her mixtape, Melody will release a series of viral videos—the first of which is already making noise. The visuals for “Lipstick&Guilt,” directed by Hyperballad, recently hit the internet.

“We were influenced by the dark undertones of the track and Melody’s powerhouse vocals,” said directing duo Dano Cerny and Marielle Tepper of Hyperballad. “We worked with our effects team Nick Young and Zack Young to create a world that matched the mood and beauty but wasn’t your typical video imagery. The great thing about working with Melody is that she thinks out of the box and wants to push the envelope visually, which makes for a great collaboration.”

P.O.Y.B.L is currently available for free download on her personal website: melodythornton.com. “Sweet Vendetta” is also available for purchase at all digital retailers.

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